9 ENTP traits you need to know about

As you might have figured out by now, I’m an ENTP (within the MBTI framework) and since this shapes my perspective big time, this blog is probably most interesting if you’re an ENTP as well (or an INFJ, I don’t really know what the story is there, but apparently they’re fascinated by us, god knows why). So if you’re not familiar with the ENTP type already, allow me to introduce you to us. While ENTPs are unique humans, just like everyone else, here’s 9 traits you’ll likely find in most of us:

  1. We have very quick minds, allowing us to connect the dots quickly and efficiently. If you’ve been following this site from the very beginning, you might remember how the “about” described this site being for people who bring order into complex systems. Systemizers, I called us. Well, that’s very true for ENTPs. Give them a system, any system (technical, sociological, economical) and they’ll start looking for patterns.
  2. We’re super social. Oh, I’m not saying we’re friendly or loveable. But we love hanging out with people. It’s our E, our extraverted nature. Being around people sparks our creative thoughts, allowing us to quickly come up with new ideas.
  3. We’re really good at solving shit. If you have doubts about your relationship and you want to talk about it, we’d be more than happy to. However, our eventual goal will be to help you solve your problems, not to make you feel better. If you’re looking for someone to tell you your boyfriend or girlfriend is a dipshit and you are totally right, try and find yourself a feeling type.
  4. We LOVE new things. Adventures, new places, new jobs. We are bored fairly quickly and we often seek new thrills to keep us entertained. Once we find a thing like that, we can become super absorbed with it, until we get bored and move on.
  5. We’re not very good with authorities. We like a good argumentation for doing things and “because I said so” (whether this comes from a parent or a CEO) simply won’t do.
  6. We love hypothetical discussions and looking at things from every single perspective. Most of us believe “good” and “bad” are very situational concepts and we like to discuss possible situations, even if you’d prefer us to focus on the here and now. Here and now is not a place we find ourselves often.
  7. Speaking of discussions… discussions are a game to us. We don’t want you to tell us we’re right, we want to explore different possibilities together. We also want you to challenge our thoughts. And yes, we know we can be quite exhausting.
  8. We’re intuitive. Yeah, we’re rational, but unlike people who solely rely on their primary five senses, we like to use our sixth one as well. Often, we’ll instinctively feel how a situation is going to develop itself.
  9. We value our freedom. This doesn’t mean we won’t commit to something, as long as this thing does not constrain us. We can put a lot of effort into a relationship, but the moment you try to tie us down, you’re going to end up with a very unhappy ENTP.