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When I first came up with the idea of Sensing Sage, I just wanted to write a blog for people who combine the combination of thinking skills and intuition, a combination that’s not very common in our society (quote friend L: “You trust your intuition? I thought you were more rational than that!”; quote friend A: “Let’s not talk about logic, let’s talk about intuition! There’s to much emphasis on logical thinking as it is!”). People like myself. So I set up the website, wrote down some blog ideas, then went on a roadtrip to Sweden. On one of our last days on the road, as I was finally in the back seat after a long drive, I was taking a Myers-Briggs personality test. The test itself was not very good (I’ll probably write about  the problem with it at some point), but as I read the descriptions there was one that fit me like a glove: ENTP. And so I discovered the combination of intuition and logical thinking was indeed shared by many people and there’s even a name for them. Which makes my life easier, because now I can explain really easily what this blog is:

it’s a view of an ENTP on ENTP’s life, interests, concerns and problems.

However, I suspect other NT-types will find useful information here as well. After all, the traits I’m focussing on most are Intuition and Thinking. If you wonder why the hell the website is called Sensing Sage, not Intuitive Sage: that’s mainly because I had no idea Myers-Briggs considers intuition to be the opposite of sensing. In my understanding they were the same thing. Besides, Sensing Sage just sounds more cool than Intuitive Sage đŸ™‚

Are you an ENTP?

Odds are you already know something or everything about ENTP’s. Great! If you don’t, but you’re curious to find out more, check out one of the many sites on Myers-Briggs, such as this website with type descriptions (if you’re not curious, you’re probably not an ENTP, we’re a curious bunch by nature).

If you want to figure out your type, you could always take an online test. However, there’s so much wrong with those and the results are not the holy grail. If you want to determine your type, I suggest you read up on cognitive functions and then see if you can figure out the combination that fits you (you can do it on the same site, I’d suggest you ignore the fifth component for simplicity’s sake). If you have any doubts – leave me a message in the comments, over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at typing people.

Join the team!

I launched this website in the summer of 2016 and in true ENTP-fashion after a few months I moved on to greener fields (= different projects). But despite my lack of activity every now and then there would be a letter in my mailbox from someone saying they love the blogs. People wanting to contribute, people asking for advice and so on. So I was presented with a bit of a dilemma: either I let this website go to waste OR I keep investing time even though I don’t have a lot to spare at the moment. Neither options sounds particularly appealing, so I came up with a different idea:

This website will accept new authors (I’ll compile a list of requirements later, but in the mean time feel free to reach out if you want to join). Basically every time someone else is going to blog for this website under their own name. The moment this person is no longer able to deliver at least one blog every two month we open team applications and someone new can join.

I feel like this way this website is truly ENTPized since most ENTPs simply don’t enjoy sticking with one project for a lengthy period of time.

So – apart from the fun aspect – what’s in it for you? A number of things:

  1. You get featured as an author on this website and you can link back to your own website, business or LinkedIn profile, even if it’s not MBTI-related. 
  2. You can install a ‘Buy Me A Coffee’ and have people support you if you write good stuff.
  3. You’re allowed to use affiliate links in your blogs, once more giving you the opportunity to earn money. However, the affiliate links should be related to the content which should be related to MBTI. Affiliate links follow content, not the other way around.

About me

Still reading? Alright, let me just share some bits and pieces of random information about myself.

My name is Marianna (that’s right, not only am I an ENTP, I’m a female ENTP, which is a giant pain in the ass, frankly), though I usually go by the name Morna online. I’ve studied Anthropology (because it was so much FUN) and Information science (because I also kind of wanted to be able to pay rent) and ended up becoming a freelance branding consultant (because in the end that’s what made me happy). That means I help entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd. I also offer different kinds of coaching, all of them aimed at making you stand out (and accomplish awesome things).

If you want to get in touch or if you’re interested in my coaching, let me know!



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Hi all, like many of you, I've been an ENTP my whole life. I have experienced the pleasure of changing my major several times, quitting a PhD, starting (but not finishing) a novel, and finding a career that actually suits me. I'm here to share the outcomes that come from NeTi decisions with hope that my journey will help you discover (or avoid) your own interesting path. Thanks for being here; if you like my stuff hit me up @forsakingfaith on Twitter, don't mind the podcast, it's an old passion project! Much Love
Also, I do love coffee - Cheers!